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Anne-Claire, 23 years old

Photography has always been a passion for me. I decided to make this passion my profession, by orienting myself after the baccalaureate towards a Btm in photography. What I like about photography at the moment is that I can offer beautiful memories, especially during weddings for which I make photo books. I like to design montages from wedding photos, that’s what will be left of this beautiful day. I also appreciate the opportunity to bring old photos back to life by retouching them. During my three years of apprenticeship I became passionate about the graphic arts and then took a course in graphic design to develop knowledge in this field that is complementary to my skills as a photographer. I worked in this profession in the communication department of the E.Leclerc and in a communication agency in St Nazaire. It combines both creation and computer software, and allows you to work on a variety of projects.